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Seeking Long Term Contracts

Jaybird Aerials is seeking to partner with your company on a continued basis.  Let me assist you by providing extended aerial services for your current and future projects. 

I am committed to staying on top of the latest technology to offer partners a fresh perspective of their business to share with clients. 

Let me assist you with roof inspections, power line/tower inspections, insurance claims, construction demolition and progress reporting. 

Aerial documentation of flood damage, fire damage, wind damage, etc. can easily be captured by using Part 107 Certificated UAS pilots.


Aerial Photogrammetry and 3D Mapping services are available upon request as specialized software and applications are required.

Why contract?

With contracting, Jaybird Aerials can offer better pricing to help save you money for large commercial projects.

Don't wait to look for a UAS partner which could lead to hiring someone out of haste.  Partner with Jaybird Aerials now and rest easy knowing your projects are with someone dedicated to assisting you and the mission of your business. 

I am seeking to create trusted relationships with my clients which allows you to know what to expect from my business upfront.

Contact Jaybird Aerials today at (828) 773-1928.

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